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Friday, 11 January 2013

Most MP's feel that they are underpaid !

 MPs Call For 32% Pay rise

MPs Call For 32% Pay Rise Of £86,250 As Survey Finds Most Feel Underpaid

 A few days after voting through a 1% cap on benefit payments, and after freezing public sector pay increases for the past three years, and after allowing public utilities and transport to increase fares and charges way above inflation, this bunch of avaricious parasites seek an increase in their salary of 32%. This demand is an insult to millions of people in this country who are enduring the austerity of cuts in their services and restrictions in their salaries and pensions, due primarily to the incompetence of this and previous governments who have allowed banks and financial institutions to accumulate vast profits and almost bankrupt the country in doing so. Politicians are now completely bereft of ideas on how to resolve the economic problems, and can only offer more cuts and austerity as they lurch from crisis to crisis with the odd short term "solution" thrown in which only causes more hardship and misery to more and more people generally. Against this background, to even suggest awarding themselves a 32% pay increase, is an impertinence too far. Consider the words of Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, who said:

"Most of my colleagues on the government benches took a large pay cut to be an MP, and I think there’s a real danger, if you need good people, you need the right people, there’s a lot of exclusion. A man or a woman who’s very capable, doing very well in their profession, whatever that may be, with a family, are they going to be willing to take that pay cut, look their children in the eye when it’s Christmas say you can’t have what you normally have because Mummy or Daddy wants to be an MP."

Andrew Bridgen MP

Andrew Bridgen probably did not have to visit a foodbank last Christmas, nor have to make a decision of "heat or eat" during the last (or the next) cold period.  The House of Commons today seems to be dominated by a bunch of self serving freeloaders, who having by and large, got away with their "expenses claims" scandal, now appear to consider themselves beyond reproach, and are clearly eager to demonstrate their unassailable position. Should this pay increase come into effect, the old adage of "holding the country to ransom" would never have been more true, but in this instance they do not even have to go on strike. "The ayes have it"and the rest of us can rot.