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Saturday, 19 January 2013

More "advice" from across the pond.

"I am telling you....."

Many, if not most, Americans cannot resist poking their noses into other peoples affairs, and offering unwanted and unwelcome "advice" on every matter imaginable, especially when their "advice" is to suit and promote their own agenda's. In this respect, Obama is no exception apart from the fact that his "advice" is usually veiled in some sort of threat because he is, after all, described as the "most powerful man in the world". Note the use of the word "powerful" rather than "intelligent". The omission  is significant. Presidents (not only the present incumbent) and their State department sycophants, consider it their duty as the self appointed "guardians of the world" to throw in their opinions and  platitudes on any matter. When they couple this opinion with pressure and threat, their interventions become offensive. Interfering American meddlers, really should keep their grubby little fingers out of other peoples pies and their noses out of others people business.