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Friday, 4 January 2013

Tory Councillor Claims "There is certainly no need for food banks";

Tory Councillor Chris Steward Claims Food Banks Are 'For People Who Can't Budget'

A food bank and Chris Steward

Another Tory demonstrating how their understanding of reality is totally warped by the acceptance of greed and selfishness as a virtue. This obnoxious individual is clearly trotting out the same philosophy shared by many, more senior political figures,  the shameful belief, that comments and policies attacking benefit claimants, sick and disabled or other less fortunate people, are somehow attractive and popular with the the majority of the rest of society. In this instance of spiteful bile, Conservative Councillor for York Chris Steward, has  failed to understand, or perhaps has conveniently ignored the fact, that those forced into using foodbanks are not only claimants, but also include many employed people who as a direct result of the policies and cuts imposed this Tory government supported by its parasite LibDem "lobby fodder", find themselves unable to support their families. Conservative Councillor Chris Steward is clearly unaffected by the fall in living standards being experienced by many in our society, benefiting no doubt from his £10k income from council expenses last year, supplementing his usual income.
Remarks such as those from Steward, are despicable and should be condemned by anyone with any sense of dismay at the damage caused by such vile comments and the persons responsible for them.

Should anyone wish to contact him,

this is his email from his website contact page.