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Saturday, 23 February 2013

"A leap of faith" or a personal aspiration?

 UK Independence Party MEP Marta Andreasen has revealed she is defecting to the Tories.

nigel farage and marta
Farage and Andreasen in happier times

I can understand someone "defecting" from one party to another, particularly on a matter of a difference in political philosophy or on a matter of policy, but this silly woman seems to have confused her own personal aspirations (she dismissed the party's chances of achieving real power) with commitment to belief in a political position. Her decision also presupposes two rather dubious propositions. One, is that David Cameron, or whoever is leading the Conservative Party at the time, will win an overall majority at the next general election, and consequently, will be able to secure the necessary legislation to proceed with a referendum.Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, she assumes that there will be some change in the position of other EU members which will allow sufficient movement in the relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom. I am no great fan of either UKIP or the Conservative party. I merely comment that if you are defecting, at least try to make the defection credible and not copy the shabby justifications similar to those used by the "Gang of Four" and their followers back in the 1980's.