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Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Great Lamb Robbery

 Farmers say they are paid so little for their meat that many will be forced out of the industry.

Traditional Sunday roast.

 Despite the price drop, shoppers are still paying anything between £8 and £12 a kilo for the meat. The glaring disjunction has prompted farmers to warn that shoppers are being ripped off by what they call "the great lamb robbery".

Who is making all the money? A 3lb leg of lamb in Morrisons is priced at £12.24 (£9.00 per kilo). Perhaps the supermarkets are ripping off their customers again, whilst at the same time screwing the producers into oblivion, again.

The average weight of a whole lamb actually in the shop, would be in the region of 18.15 kilo (40 lb), so if the producer is now only receiving £3.20 per kilo instead of £4.40 last year, where is the other £5.80?