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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Iain Duncan Smith looses his temper again.

 Iain Duncan Smith's Anger Over Poundland, Workfare And Cait Reilly

LBC's James O'Brien

Iain Duncan Smith lost his rag


Iain Duncan Smith is loosing his temper more and more often recently. Just listen to the supercilious Work and pensions secretary in this interview with James O'Brien.

  Duncan Smith's behaviour and outburst over the past few months is indicative of the fact the he is loosing it completely and slipping into a "through the looking glass" world of his own reality. Totally ignoring the questions and talking over any comments made by the interviewer, Duncan Smith rants on about "workfare", "the taxpayer paying her (Cait Reilly) wages", "jobseekers being lucky that they do not live in France or Spain" and other rambling nonsense. Thank heavens this wretched specimen of a paranoid politician  never became Prime Minister.