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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

In defiance of United Nations Resolutions.

North Korea Nuclear Test: Pyongyang Defies UN Resolutions

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

 The thought often occurs to me how disgustingly hypocritical the "International Community" and its mouthpiece media circus actually are. I saw the contribution made by Susan Rice at the UN, and could not help but compare her comments and the philosophy behind them, between what she said about the Palestinian UN membership application (and the result), to what she said yesterday about the North Korean atomic test. 

U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice speaks at a news conference after the U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting on North Korea s nuclear test on Tuesday morning at U.N. headquarters, Tuesday Feb. 12, 2013. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)
U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice

 Couple this with the almost hysterical reaction from Sky News, BBC News 24, numerous other television channels and countless "newspapers" around the world, condemning North Korea's action and threatening all sorts of retaliation ranging from even more draconian sanctions to the implied threat of armed intervention with the words "to take all necessary measures" in response to "the defiance of UN Resolutions". To me, it is not a question of whether North Korea should or should not have and test nuclear weapons, or whether their testing of rockets is for military or civilian purposes. It is a question of double standards and hypocrisy, when it comes to the response to “defiance of UN resolutions”. We have seen this feeble cliché used as an excuse for going to war, as in the case of Iraq, or for the imposition of punitive economic and financial sanctions as in the case of Iran or Syria. The commonality about these examples, is the fact that sanctions will only apply to those countries considered by the “International Community” as a threat, implied or otherwise, to their position of influence in any particular area, and secondly that ordinary people will bear the consequences of the hardships resulting from the deprivation of food, medicines, and other essential materials from their every day lives.
Compare this to the growing list of UN Resolutions that Israel has defied or even completely ignored over the years. Resolutions demanding the withdrawal of occupation forces from Palestine, resolutions demanding the end of settlement building projects in the occupied territories, the lifting of the blockade of Gaza, the list is almost endless. All have fallen on deaf ears in Tel Aviv, and defiance of the UN by Israel continues. Yet, there is no demand by the “International Community”, for the imposition of sanctions or economic isolation of Tel Aviv to bring about compliance, or any implied threat of military intervention “to take all necessary measures”. Israel is an ally and thereby enjoys immunity from the criticism of the UN. As I said previously, the “International Community” is disgustingly hypocritical when it comes to self interest and double standards.