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Sunday, 3 February 2013

The NHS Trust cover up culture.

 Mid Staffs report: No more cover-ups, says man whose son died after blunder

Frank Robinson holds a banner outside Stafford Civic Centre during the Mid Staffs inquiry
Frank Robinson at Stafford Civic Centre during the  public inquiry into the Mid Staffs care scandal.,


For as long as the present structure in the NHS remains, so will the incidents and subsequent cover up and concealment remain. It is a sad fact that many NHS Trusts have the same culture. It is just that some are worse in performance than others and some, but not all, are exposed. Too many patients and their relatives are, for many reasons, unable to peruse these Trusts either through the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, or through litigation on the soon to be severely restricted legal aid programme or the "No win no fee" facility provided by many solicitors. Without the recourse to law, many of the negligent medical and non medical staff, and abysmal NHS Trust managements will remain insulated from investigation and exposure. It will be the rare example of a relatives determination to uncover the truth in the face of the Trust and its legal machine.