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Monday, 11 February 2013

The debate on Scottish independence.

 Cameron Insists Scotland 'Better Off In Britain'

david cameron overseas students
Cameron drew on Olympic glory to suggest 
breaking up the union would be damaging to Britain

What a strangely warped view of reality this Cameron person actually has. 
At the last general election (to the Westminster government), the Conservative party won 1 seat with 16% of the vote and yet formed a government, aided and abetted by the Liberal Democrats (who incidentally won only 11 seats with just 18% of the vote), to govern Scotland from London for the next 5 years. Historically, it has invariably been the case that the government in London does not have popular support north of the border and there is a perceptible growth in the feeling amongst Scottish people that they are not adequately or properly  represented in government of the United Kingdom, which perhaps explains the increasing support for the SNP (albeit that they won only 6 seats in 2010) and the Scottish parliament. It could therefore be argued, that Scotland is governed by a coalition which it does not support, subjected to policies it has not endorsed and disregarded by Westminster. In this respect the SNP may have a point which was the essence of what Nicola Sturgeon was arguing on BBC television yesterday.

Nicola Sturgeon. MSP

 Let me make something perfectly clear. I am not Scottish and have no connections whatsoever with Scotland. On the subject of Scottish independence, I am totally neutral, but I can see why Cameron and no doubt Milliband (but for different reasons), and numerous other politicians and business leaders are desperate to retain Scotland as an integral part of the United Kingdom. However, for Cameron to state that Scotland is 'better off in Britain' and to couple this with his rather superficial comments like, "Those glorious Olympics last summer reminded us just what we were capable of when we pull together" or, "Britain works well. Why break it?", smacks more of desperation than conviction.
Cameron, along with a number of others on his side of the fence are rattled and it is beginning to show. as he drifts off into some parallel universe where the borders between reality and the wishful thinking of fantasy are very blurred.