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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hillary Mantel: A spiteful woman.

 Novelist Mantel criticises Duchess

Hilary Mantel branded the Duchess of Cambridge a 'shop-window mannequin'
Hillary Mantel

 I am no great royalist nor do I join in the euphoria surrounding the the Cambridge's and the expectancy of the new heir. However, I do recognise that this Hilary Mantel person (until today I had never even heard of her), is a sad and it seems spiteful example of a warped mind carried away with a delusional view of her own importance. Had a man made the same remarks, there would be an outcry of indignation with screams of "sexist", "chauvinist" etc. from some elements of society. To redress the balance slightly, perhaps the sad ugly specimen of Mantel could loose some weight, get her teeth fixed, and crawl off into obscurity and do something useful, like knitting baby mittens for example.