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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Heather Frost's new house and the bitchness of Andrew Pierce

 Heather Frost is moving into a newly-built home at taxpayers’ expense, and Andrew Pierce is furious..

Jobless: Heather Frost
Heather Frost

A controversial story which will no doubt, generate much debate.

However, the obnoxious little arse Andrew Pierce on the Sky news papers review last night(18th February 2013), was full of the most spiteful and venomous bile that has been uttered on television for some time.

Andrew Pierce: full of bile and bitchy rantings
The Sky news presenter and the other paper reviewer Kevin Maguire, were clearly shaken by the hysterical bitchy rantings pouring out of the mouth of Pierce, and they were obviously relieved when they managed to shut him up and move onto the next item. The little rat Andrew Pierce should be banned from appearing on any television channel until such times as he learn to control his behaviour and his nasty comments.