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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A side show of a side show,

MPs Vote In Favour Of Gay Marriage, As Debate Exposes Deep Tory Divisions 

  The prime minister, who did not attend the debate despite being the driving force behind the Bill,      said in a statement that allowing gay people to marry would "make our society stronger".


This "story" has dominated the news media and television for weeks if not months. From all the available evidence it would appear that the vast majority of the gay and lesbian community have no great support for these proposals, and are content with the present civil partnership measures, and the vast majority of heterosexuals have the same view. It seems that the only passionate interest in "Gay Marriage" lies in the Chambers and corridors of the Houses of Parliament and in the councils of the Church. Now that this "debate" seems to be over, can the media and television please get back to reporting and commenting on real issues and let the "politicians" continue to argue about this distraction of a sideshow.