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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Another Iain Duncan-Smith failed policy.

Universal credit scheme will waste at least £140m, say MPs, while some experts put the figure at nearer £300m.

Iain Duncan-Smith

And Iain Duncan-Smith will still not listen.
A recalcitrant individual responsible for the continuing waste of tax payers money, but moreover the architect of a scheme inflicting pain and hardship upon hundreds of thousand of people in this country.
His initials are synonymous with policies which have brought misery to millions and retrospective changes to law which have sought to perpetuate injustice and exploitation in the workplace.
Changes introduced to cap benefits, re assessment of incapacity benefits, State Pension age changes, Workfare, ATOS assessment instructions, IDS is responsible for the conception and implementation of the most obnoxious legislation that this ConDem coalition or any other government since the 19th Century has introduced.
Many, if not all, of his policies seem to be directed more at punishing those sections of our society least able to support themselves against the effects of such changes,  and to demonise and marginalise, those groups or individuals, critical of the government excesses.
Iain Duncan-Smith, has spent too long in his position and is responsible for damage to the very fabric of our society. His resignation, or sacking, is long overdue.