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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The prime target of the Jersey "establishment"

 A warrant has been issued for the arrest of former Senator Stuart Syvret.

Former Senator Stuart Syvret

The persecution of Stuart Syvret continues.
It is indeed unfortunate (and sinister), that the Jersey "authorities" were and are, not as rigorous in their pursuit and prosecution of the criminals and pedophiles involved in the child sex abuse scandal at Haute de la Garenne and at other locations in Jersey. A warrant is issued for Syvret's arrest and imprisonment, whilst at the same time, those members of Jersey "society" and those in "official" positions, are still walking the streets of St Helier, and remain totally immune from prosecution and still protected by the Jersey establishment".
It is not co incidental that one of the people instrumental in exposing the historic child abuse scandal has been removed from public office, imprisoned, vilified in the press and media and hounded by those seeking to muzzle or otherwise silence his revelations and accusations.
This latest "legal ruling" is indicative of an establishment intent on preserving their shadowy status and in its wider context of ensuring that the scandals remain buried under a cloak of secrecy and cover up.