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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Austerity has no place in the Guildhall

David Cameron insists that squeeze on public-sector spending is permanent

David Cameron at Lord Mayor's Banquet on Monday night.

Someone asked me recently, if I had noticed how Cameron, Osborne, Hunt and a number of other "senior" Tories, seem to be putting on a great deal of weight. This may well have something to do with the amount of receptions, working lunches, conferences (mostly overseas it seems), State banquets and numerous other jollies which these people attend, with monotonous regularity almost on a weekly basis and, over this year certainly, the number of functions has grown significantly.
The annual Lord Mayor’s Banquet. provided the latest bash and gave Cameron a platform for delivering a speech to tell the rest of us how bad things were (but were getting better) and that "austerity" must, would, continue after the next election if the Tories win.
"We need to do more with less. Not just now, but permanently,” the Prime Minister said, standing behind a gold lectern in Guildhall London, having consumed another mammoth meal from one or more of the listed caterers, who do not obtain their ingredients from the local Foodbank. The irony was perhaps lost on our Prime Minister, but will certainly be noted by millions of people around the country.
The cabinet millionaires, and the "rich list" Tory MP's are all very good at lecturing the rest of us on the absolute necessity of tightening our belts, and then passing draconian legislation to assist us in achieving their austerity objectives. At the same time, these lobby fodder sycophants ensure that their expenses remain intact, their subsidised perks in the restaurants and bars of Parliament are retained and even enhanced, their pensions are boosted and that their salaries are "ring fenced" and improved by an increase far in excess of the rate of inflation. When it comes to austerity, MP's have little understanding and even less shame.

It may, (or may not) be comforting for the rest of us to know that in these times of hardship, in these times of pay restraint, in these time of ever increasing fuel prices, food price increases, higher and higher demands on family budgets, cuts in benefits for disabled, un employed, “Work fare”, bedroom tax, and the infamous Universal Credit, that our “sacrifices” for economic and social austerity is having the desired effect. Businesses announce increases in profits, almost on a weekly basis, industry sheds hundreds of jobs to become “leaner and fitter” and Cameron together with the rest of his Tory colleagues, put a few more inches around their waistlines and a few more pounds onto their weight.