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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Jersey media bias aids the "establishment".

Syvret claims he's being "victimised" says

Former Senator Stuart Syvret

Typically, this "News Channel", being part of the Jersey establishment, posts only 14 seconds of the video which is in fact, 4 minutes and 42 seconds long. Moreover, has no section for "comments" with this item, demonstrating once again, that when it comes to the persecution of Stuart Syvret, the Jersey "establishment" and the methods employed to conceal the truth about the corruption, child abuse, or the abuse of office by the judiciary, police and others, will resort to any means to quash  challenges to their activities. It is only through the efforts of people like Syvret, Rico Sorda and others, blogs like "voice for children" and others, together with the use of "twitter" by numerous individuals not only in Jersey but around the United Kingdom, Europe and even in the USA, that these excesses and abuses by the Jersey "authorities" are being exposed and publicised. With the use of lies, distortion, demonisation, judicial abuse and dis information, the Jersey oligarchy will go to any lengths to suppress criticism and exposure of their past and continuing activities. 
The full video is freely available on YouTube and has been posted on my "Facebook" page and a related article appears on this blog under the title of "The prime target of the Jersey "establishment"".