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Monday, 4 November 2013

We are paying MP's energy bills.

340 MPs get their energy bills paid on expenses

Prime Minister David Cameron talks with with MP Nadhim Zahawi
Nadhim Zahawi with David Cameron

Since October of 2012, I have been posting comments on this Blog critical of MP's and their outrageous expenses claims, under headings such as "Mp's expenses. They are still at it." (18th October 2012) "MPs complain dinner expenses are not generous enough" (4th April 2013) "MP's have little or no shame" (8th May 2013) and various other postings of a similar nature. It is now clearly evident, that the public outrage and criticism of our elected representatives, initially brought about by the expenses scandal revelations of 2009, has had little effect in curbing the activities of these avaricious individuals who seem to have little, if any integrity.
In these times when many people are facing stark choices in respect of heating or eating, when almost one million people are reliant on foodbanks and the numbers grow every day, when energy companies announce inflation busting price increases every winter and sometimes even more often, the "lawmakers" of our Parliament, push their noses further into the trough and claim their costs for energy on their expenses forms.It is outrageous, it is indefensible ethically or morally and it is wrong, notwithstanding that "the rules for expenses claims" state that this is a valid claim.
The cost of this abuse, over £200,00 for funding Nadhim Zahawi's bill totaling £5,822.27 for electricity and heating oil for his estate, or for Alan Duncans' £2,750 for electricity bills and £1,250 in heating oil for his home in Rutland,or for David Willetts, claim of £2,596, and numerous other, is money taken directly from the pockets of pensioners, working people, disabled and from already limited family budgets. It is money diverted from other more deserving causes than lining the pockets of already well paid MP's enjoying all the other perks and privileges of their situation.
Our elected representative should feel shame and intense discomfort with their own behaviour in this respect, but that is unlikely to be the case as they reach for their Parker pens (no doubt claimed as an expense) to complete another Expenses Claim form.