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Saturday, 30 November 2013

In spite of all protestations to the contrary, Government did ask energy firms to freeze prices for 18 months.


No 10 blames possible misunderstanding but sources confirm companies have been pressured to hold prices

David Cameron denied that he had asked companies to hold prices until 2015.


The ConDem coalition government hold out the begging bowl and crawl off to the energy companies for a crumb of relief from the constant price hikes of the energy cartel. To make their errand even more snivellingly derisive, they plead that any future price hikes should be delayed until after the next election in 2015. After that date presumably, the status quo can be restored and the cartel can resume its exploitation of the consumer.
A government  without the backbone to do what is right and tell the industry that no price increases will be allowed and that their excess profits will be subject to scrutiny and taxation. All political parties must accept the reality that the extortionate price increases from the energy company cartel and from other privatised utilities, are no longer to be tolerated and that these companies will be returned to public ownership. For the Tories this will be difficult if not impossible, being as they are, in the pockets of business and reliant on private corporations for large party donations and funding. However, the fact remains that there are some industries, and the provision of energy is one, which are too important to society to be left to the vagaries of private companies. The energy companies are out of control and will remain so unless they are stopped. It is for government to draw the line and take down these unscrupulous organisations.