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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Payday loan company parasites target families through their children.

Labour would force payday loan ads off children's TV

Ed Miliband: ads are bad for families

It is a stunning indictment of Payday loan companies and the people who run them, that their greed and cynicism extends to advertising these loans on children's television, knowing all too well that such loans are available only to those aged 18 or over. Targeting parents through their children to take out such loans shows the depths to which the parasitic money lenders will sink to "grow their business" and the callous attitude to  that this present government has in allowing such malpractice to take place.
Miliband says that he will force these parasites off children's television by legislation if necessary, should the Advertising Standards Authority fail to act.  The companies have demonstrated time and time again that they are incapable of, or even have the inclination to, regulate themselves and conduct their business in a reasonable and socially responsible fashion. Their only consideration is the pursuit of more and more profits at the expense of those people probably least able to manage the incessant pressures for the companies dealing in usury.

It therefore follows that such companies and any other companies seeking to emulate the Wonga's of this world, should be taught the salutary lesson that such behaviour and cynical exploitation of people will not be tolerated in British society.
These companies, Wonga, Money market, Moneyshop, Swiftcash and all the others, should have their trading licences revoked  and their business permanently closed down. Only by taking firm action will these people understand that their method of trading and their ethics in business practices are totally unacceptable in society.