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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Not at all "like the rest of us".

 Prince Charles at 65: A portfolio of jobs and no plans to retire, so he's just like the rest of us

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall

The headline reads: " he's just like the rest of us".
Yes of course he is. He and "Parker Bowles" regularly visit the Kensington Foodbank to get their weekly rations and they frequently switch energy suppliers in the naive belief that they might get a better deal from another cartel member.
Every 4 weeks, when his pension is paid into which ever bank account he has nominated for that purpose, he takes his "Casio" calculator and works out to the nearest penny, whether he and the Mrs. can afford to have that pound of meat for a liver and bacon treat they have been thinking about, or whether that spare money should be used to buy another British Gas savings stamp for the fuel bill, so they can have the bedroom heater on for an extra hour.
Trying to sell us the fairy tale that "he is just like the rest of us", the media generally insult the intelligence of millions of people in this country.
Charles Philip Arthur George and the rest of the Windsor family, occupy a distinctly unreal world where people (predominately tourists, regardless of what the press may wish you to believe), frantically wave little bits of coloured paper at them, in the hope that they may see a wave of the hand or even in some cases receive a limp hand shake which they will treasure for their remaining days on earth.
He (and they) are not "just like the rest of us at all" and the media should stop trying to sell us the myth that they are..