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Friday, 8 November 2013

Holding the country to ransom: Nissan might leave if UK quits EU

Carlos Ghosn, head of car maker, suggests 6,500 jobs would be threatened by a yes vote in referendum

Carlos Ghosn suggested Nissan might stop making cars in Britain


If this very rich  French-Lebanese-Brazilian were a Trade Union leader, he would be the target of the Sun, Mail, Telegraph, BBC, Sky News and all the other worker bashing media, demonised and vilified for holding the country to ransom with demands.
In this instance however, Carlos Ghosn seeks to blackmail an entire nation into voting for his preferred position on EU membership, with the threat that  "  the car maker would reconsider its future in the UK if a push to leave the European Union succeeds.".
To threaten the employment of 6,500 people and their families is a despicable act of a nasty little man, clearly capable of resorting to any measure in order to achieve his own ends.