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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Two more contentious "decisions" by Weymouth and Portland Borough Council.

Public outcry over council decisions on chalets and angling clubhouse

Chalets at Greenhill Gardens
Chalets at Greenhill Gardens

Chalets at Greenhill Gardens
Weymouth Angling Society chairman Billy Short, with other members outside the clubhouse

What a way to run a council. What do we elect councillors for?
As I have argued before, and will continue to argue, it seems that in Weymouth (and sadly many other councils around the country), council officers (un elected and un accountable) make the policy and take the decisions, while elected members pass the "officers recommendations" on the nod, then wander off to the members lounge or the restaurant to fill in their expenses claims.
It is little wonder that people become disillusioned with politics, with the result that fewer and fewer actually bother to vote at local elections.