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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Tony Blair: Present Iraq crisis is due to our failure to intervene in Syria, not the 2003 invasion.


'It would be worse if we hadn't invaded Iraq,' claims Tony Blair

In a 3,000-word essay, Mr Blair rejects that he was to blame
Tony Blair's long, and long winded, diatribe (essay) seeking to absolve himself from any blame for the invasion of Iraq and its consequences, is a distortion which takes one event in isolation, and completely ignores the historical route to the events of 2003.
Iraq war 2003

Blair, either by accident or more probably design, glosses over the history, and refuses to acknowledge that the war, started by himself and Bush on the basis of lies and false information, was in fact only part of a far more complex situation, going back for almost 100 years and that the Blair/Bush war is only one of the many "chickens" now coming home to roost.