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Monday, 23 June 2014

Creating an atmosphere of fear and alarm to justify intervention.

 British Jihadists Plotting Attacks In The UK After Fighting In Syria

Cressida Dick. Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner

The press, the "establishment" and the television media continue to pour out hysterical nonsense regarding the "threat" to this country from "Jihadists", "Radicalised" Islamists, "Brainwashed" Terrorists, Extremists and all the other cliche ridden descriptions, emanating from "veterans " returning from Syria and "who are intent on carrying out terrorist attacks here". The purpose of these lurid tales of impending doom for the population in this country, is to ensure a mindset of fear and mistrust prevails in ordinary people, and that the overriding desire for renewed intervention in the Middle East still very much to the forefront of many politicians, both here and in the United States, can again be trotted out in the name of,"the war on terrorism".
We have heard the exaggerated claims, the distortions and downright lies of people with their own agenda seeking to bomb Syria, send troops to "the area" and even invade Iraq in the past. History tends to repeat itself.

There may well be a "threat" on the streets of the United kingdom. In fact there always has been but to suggest that this "threat" is likely to become the end of us all unless the warmongering  neocons in London and Washington are allowed to drag us into another military intervention in the Middle East, is beyond the pale and an insult to everyone. There is no appetite amongst the people for intervention and no amount of scaremongering hysteria will change that, no matter how much the interventionists may wish otherwise.