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Friday, 20 June 2014

Iain Duncan Smith and his "welfare reforms" causing more pain and misery..

End disability benefits ‘fiasco’, ministers told


Another of Iain Duncan-Smith's "reforms", this time  the personal independence payment (PIP), causing distress to vulnerable people.  An ill conceived scheme being managed by an inept DWP, resulting in delays and chaos.

Iain Duncan-Smith. DWP Minister

It is a disgrace and scandal for which IDS and his dogmatic obsession with "welfare reform" is completely responsible.

The ATOS connection:
The committee also accused Atos, one of the companies carrying out the assessments, of supplying “incorrect and potentially misleading” information when bidding for the work. In a tender document in 2012 it stated it had “contractual agreements” with 56 NHS hospitals, 25 private hospitals and more than 650 physiotherapy centres – a claim which turned out “not to be true”, the committee said.
The firm has since agreed to end its contract early, as well as a separate contract to administer the work capability assessment programme.