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Sunday, 22 June 2014

The days start getting shorter!

The 173rd Day of 2014.


Yesterday was the 21st June. The Summer Solstice, the longest day of 2014 and the day on which Pagans, Druids and others congregate at Stonehenge to greet the dawn.
Today of course, is June 22nd when, as from today, the days become shorter and the moods of many people begin to decline at a rapidly increasing rate, due primarily to the lack of daylight. This assault on, compounded sometime in October, (they cant even find a standard date upon which to carry out this sabotage on people) when some faceless bureaucrat, instructs everyone in the United Kingdom to “Put your clocks back by 1 hour tonight”. No please or thank you or any of the other polite niceties of civilised behaviour, just an arbitrary “Do it”.
I do detest the ritual autumn fiddling with our clocks, watches and body clocks. They should be left on BST.

The progression from now until the 21st December will be ticked off on calendars by many every day, and as the evenings grow ever darker, it will not only be Christmas that we can look forward to.