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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Foodbank usage grows to over 1 million people nationally.

 The numbers of people reliant on foodbanks, continues to grow.

More than i million people now rely on foodbanks.

The "forgotten" scandal of  the effect of the cuts and other austerity measures of this wretched ConDem coalition government. As other news has filled our headlines for some months, the plight of those who now rely on the distribution of food to feed themselves and their families has been pushed to the back pages or even ignored by the press and media.
It is now reported that the number pf people reliant on foodbanks in Weymouth has increased fourfold in the last 12 months.
In the South west generally, there has been a 78% increase in the number of foodbank users and nationally, the figure is even higher with now more than 1 million people regularly receiving food assistance from the Trussel Trust and the other foodbank providers. In this the 21st Century when men have been on the moon, when governments spend £billions on prestigious project in the fields of railways, airports, government IT improvements, spots events and the development and manufacture of advance weapons systems to kill more people more quickly, it is outrageous and shameful that today, in this country over 1 million of our people face the stark reality of choosing between food charities or starvation.
The government propaganda machine and many ConDem coalition MP's, would have you believe that the increase usage of foodbanks is nothing to do with cuts in befits, delays in progressing claims or  any other government action and that foodbank users have "brought it upon themselves by their choice of lifestyle. That is an absurd, patronising lie both despicable and shameful from politicians, and complete abdication of their responsibility.

an increase in use in 2013-14 of more than 163%.

I have commented elsewhere, that this situation should cause us all to search our conscience and highlight this stain on our society. For the last few years, it is a disgrace which has grown steadily, and over the last 18 months has reached epidemic proportions which may well now be out of control. Donating an amount of food to the foodbanks for distribution is a short term and valuable contribution to alleviating the problem, but it is not the solution.
The government and its MP's must be made to understand (if they do not already understand) the effects which their policies, and their arrogant defence of such policies, have on ordinary families in this country and the resentment within society towards their continuing drive for austerity and "savings".