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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

FIFA: Corruption allegations will not go away.

Qatar World Cup 2022: Fifa investigation into World Cup vote is ‘ignoring the new evidence’,

Sepp Blatter denies allegations of corruption


FIFA investigating whether FIFA is a corrupt organisation which accepts graft and bribery as normal practice. However, it has emerged that FIFA will not examine "new evidence" concerning the most recent allegations, preferring instead, to only consider the Michael Garcia report, due in about 6 weeks time.
The organisation and management of international football reeks with the stench of decay and corrupt practices. The football management and media in countries around the world, cry out for reform and cleaning up the rotten mess which is FIFA, but there seems to be nothing that anyone can do to bring about the necessary change.
Self regulation creates such monsters, where self interest overrides all other considerations and in this football is not alone.