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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The cynic, the housing crisis and the next General Election.


Lib Dem leader calls for Tories to put aside ideological objections and use 'muscle of the state' to build 300,000 homes a year

The cynical Nick Clegg

Many people, predominately from outside of the "main" political parties in Westminster, have been agitating for an increase in house building, mainly for the social housing sector for years. It hasbeen a taboo subject for Labour, Conservative and LibDem, with their obsession with the "foot on the housing ladder ",  "affordable housing",  "help to buy" and countless other schemes for the benifit of the few, at the expense of those people in society who, for one reason or another, will never be able to buy their own home.
Schemes designed and implimented not because they were right, but because cynical and inept politicians perceived them to be popular.
Now, with impeccable timing, Clegg crawls out from the woodwork and calls for " the muscle of the state to be used to help build up to 300,000 homes a year." Clegg and his LibDem followers have been strangely silent on this subject for all of their time as part of the ConDem coalition, and have allowed a housing crisis to develope that this country has not seen for decades, At the same time, the silence from the Labour party on the subject of social housing has been deafening. The party which should be leading the campaign for increased social housing provision has become part of the "get rich quick" schemes for developers, building societies and banks.
It will not go un noticed that the statement from Clegg, soon no doubt to be echoed by Milliband and then Cameron, comes with less than 12 months between now and the next general electon. The cynicism and hypocrisy of the "three main parties" on this (and other) matters is breath taking and will hopefully be remembered as people cast their votes next May.