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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

It is not the Greek people who are pulling out their money.

Greeks are pulling their money out of banks... and spending it on cars?

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The Greek people who are living on the streets, or reliant on street soup kitchens, or who are deprived of electricity and other essential utilities, the hundreds of thousand who have been sacked from their jobs, the hundreds of thousands who have had their pensions and other benefits cut or completely stopped and all as the consequence of "austerity" imposed by the IMF, European Central Bank and Germany are not spending their "money" on cars and yachts.
The western media, led by the propaganda from Europe and the Troika, are all too keen to heap all the blame on the ordinary Greek people rather than the corrupt politicians, bankers and tax evading cliques of the Greek establishment. Alexis Tsipras and the Syriza party won an election with an anti austerity platform and since then European Bankers, the press, the IMF have been trying all means to disrupt, undermine and overthrow the new Greek government.

Image result for alexis tsipras cabinet
Prime minister Alexis Tsipras with members of new cabinet

Distortion of truth in the struggle to dominate the Geek economy and pressurise the Greek government into submission, is not a new or the only weapon that the Troika use to inflict their will on the countries of the European Union. It just happens that in the Syriza government and the Greece, they have found a country and a people who are prepared to resist.