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Monday, 18 May 2015

The road to a 2 tier NHS

Dorchester County Hospital A& E is safe but major hospital will be in east of the county

As a regular patient at Dorchester County Hospital (who have just announced their plans for a reorganisation), cardiology for pacemaker check/box replacement, and visiting hematology for monthly blood checks, am I to understand that these services will no longer be available at DCH?
A round trip from home to say Poole Hospital is a distance of some 70 miles with a traveling time of around 2 1/2 hours, and to Bournemouth Hospital the round trip is some 85 miles taking almost 3 hours traveling time.
There are many people reliant on Dorset Hospital services who will be even more inconvenienced than I will be, all sacrificed on the alter of Hunt and his Conservative cronies who are intent on creating a 2 tier system for the NHS where those who can pay for the services enjoy quicker treatment in the streamlined facilities, and those who can't, can put up with the inconvenient consequences of the reorganisation.
Our NHS is being systematically destroyed in the name of "savings" by making hospital facilities bigger, but in specific centres and often many miles away from the current locations.
How strange it is that the latest round of cuts, reorganisations and closure, in addition to the effective reduction in the salaries and conditions of nursing staff is not announced prior to the election, and only now emerges from the lies, distortion and deceipt of this wretched new government.The latest government promise of £8bn a year by 2020 is just another big figure designed to deceive people into believing that the government is seeking to manage the issues. Throwing money at the problem while cutting expenditure in other areas will not do anything other than satisfy media image . The problem is one of philosophy and political dogma. Since 1948, the Conservative Party has been determined to destroy the NHS. It is clear now that they have almost reached that objective.