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Saturday, 16 May 2015

The death sentence from the Kangaroo Court in Cairo   

Mohamed Morsi sentenced to death:

Ousted President Mohamed Morsi

The final verdict in this sham show trial will be handed down by the "court", otherwise known as Al-Sisi's mouthpiece,on the 4th June.
The United States, the United Kingdom and those in Europe who have supported and encouraged the illegal regime in Cairo, who overthrew a democratically elected President because he would not capitulate to "the West" and Israel, should hold their heads in shame at their hypocrisy and complicity in this affair.

Al-Sisi, Killer Of Egypt's Democracy

Al-Sisi may or may not order the execution to take place (The Mufti can only act in an advisory capacity),as the actual event, whatever the outcome, can only reinforce the contempt of people around the world for western governments and their duplicity in this shabby affair.