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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Clegg did not put Country before party. It was always ego and ambition before principle.

Nick Clegg resigns as Lib Dem leader 


May 8th 2015

Liberal Democrats were decimated and they got what they deserved. It was only "tactical voting" which saved Clegg from the same fate as that which befell his colleagues. They paid the price for his duplicity. As one Liberal Democrat voter said about the 2010 election, he voted Liberal democrat to keep the Tories out of 10 Downing Street, and the first thing that Clegg did was to jump into bed with Cameron and form a coalition to give the Conservatives power in this country. It seems that this view was held by hundreds of thousands of voters across the United Kingdom, who deserted the Liberal Democrats resulting in a loss of 49 of their 57 seats.
Only five years ago

Even up to the eve of polling day, Clegg and his other Liberal Democrat colleagues, were clinging to the hope that they would be able to form part of another coalition (with which ever party would be prepared to have them) and keep some of their ministerial positions, cars, inflated salaries and the associated kudos of office. Clegg did not put country before party. Despite all the pledges and promises made before the 2010 election, he put personal ambition and ego before principle and promise and, dragging his party with him, propped up a Conservative government for 5 years, Cable, Mays, Alexander, Davey and the other former Liberal Democrat cabinet ministers who were part of this betrayal, have paid the price for Clegg's ambition who retains his seat in the House of Commons. The Liberal Democrat party will be paying the price for decades.