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Monday, 25 May 2015

The bottomless pit of tax payers money pays for Burham's flat while he rents out his other one.

Andy Burnham claims £17,000 a year in rent for London flat – despite owning another that's walking distance from Westminster

Andy Burnham. Nose in the trough along with all the other career politicians.

 Andy Burnham has been claiming more than £17,000 a year in expenses to rent a flat in London despite owning another property a short walk from Westminster.
Another of the "Westminster establishment" demonstrating how to milk the bottomless pit of tax payers(our)money with expense claims. This one even wants to become the leader of one of the parties, with the potential to become the Prime Minister.
The career politicians of Westminster again show themselves to be no more than self serving opportunists, more interested in position, perks and personal kudos than ideals and principle.
Interesting to note that Prescott likened Andy Burnham to Tony Blair!
No wonder politicians and the political system is held in such contempt by many people in this country.