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Monday, 25 May 2015

The Arthur Daley School of supplying energy to punters


Inflated direct debit from consumers really is a nice little earner.

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EDF are really a bunch of wide boys who would be very much at home dressed in sharp suits, dark shirts, white ties and wearing spats on their shoes, selling stockings, perfume and other assorted nick knacks from an open suitcase, whilst looking around for the possible arrival of a bobby on the beat.

They were insisting that I should pay more than the usual £96 per month direct debit which had been the norm for some months. I was on their "best tariff" they said. I switched supplier and have just had my tariff reduced to £33 (from £38) per month direct debit. We have the same or broadly similar consumption as in the past (the cottage is all electric) and even after the winter there seems to have been no change to the amount of electricity used.
Either global warming has taken effect with our cottage is getting warmer and using less electricity to cook, or EDF have been profiteering for some considerable time raking in the money from me and countless other consumers.
Now if I were a betting person, I know where I would place my bet