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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Greek people are not the culprits.

Greek PM convenes emergency meeting of his bailout negotiation team

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

The world should stop blaming the Greek people for the economic crisis faced by the EU in respect of Greek exit from the Eurozone.
The culprits are the banks and financial institution, former corrupt and incompetent Greek governments financed and encouraged by Brussels and the European Central bank, the Germans seeking to gain by financial manipulation what they were unable to achieve by conquest and the sinister American backed IMF. It is the Greek people who have been paying the price with years of ever more severe austerity, cuts to living standards, job losses and reductions of almost 69% in wages, salaries and pensions. 

The ECB’s governing council (picture taken in February 2014)

The way out of the mess created and perpetuated by others outside Greek borders is clear. Continually borrowing money from Europe and the IMF in the form of "bail out loans" simply to pay off the previous bailout loans is economic lunacy and does nothing to resolve the underlying problem.  Alexis Tsipras and the new SYRIZA led coalition government, should immediately take Greece out of the Eurozone, re introduce the Drachma and devalue against Sterling and the Dollar.
There are many in Europe who will be appalled at this solution and will no doubt try to prevent the move using any means, political, financial or otherwise to prevent it.
It is time for the Greek people to reject the years of austerity and hardship imposed upon them by others, to regain control of their own destiny and emerge from under the heel of the European boot.