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Sunday, 3 May 2015

"Moses" Miliband and his tablet of stone.

Ed Miliband unveils stone carved with Labour pledges to be placed at Downing St if he wins

The "Tablet of Stone"

Potential government by "gimmick" as if we had not had enough of that over the past five years. This is unbelievable even after reading it three times, (because I could not believe it on the first two readings).
Miliband has completely lost the plot. Either it is his own idea and the megalomania has taken over making him unfit for office, or it is the idea of some of his "team" in which case he should have fired them as soon as they wandered into his office with this ludicrous scheme which trivialises politics to the level of inane farce.
Cameron promising to pass legislation to stop himself increasing taxes and now Moses Miliband with his "tablet of stone" (it is too big to tuck under his arm) demonstrating that neither of them is really fit for office.
Should we now expect Balls and his Bouncy castle with promises flying from the rubber ramparts, or Osborne and his Ottoman full of promises for a better future once they "have cleared up the economic mess which Labour left" ?

The mind boggles.