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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Labour Party belongs to people, not a bunch of lawyers, accountants, career politicians and political opportunists.

 The Trade Union movement and the Labour Party.

I am getting really hacked off with the constant banging on from media, pundits, Tory MP's, comments in the correspondence sections and many others about the Labour Party and the “links” with the trade Union movement. These people clearly have their own agenda and conveniently ignore, if they ever knew, the historic roots of the Labour Party.
In the late 19th and early 20th Century, the Trade Union Congress (TUC) a “special conference to establish a voice for working people within parliament” led to the first Labour MP's being elected to Parliament. The aims and objectives of the Labour Party and the Trade Union Congress have historically been the representation and well being of ordinary people and were stated in Clause 4 of the Labour Party Constitution which Blair abandoned in 1995, essentially turning the Labour Party into a centre rightist party. Since then (and for a number of years before), the Labour Party has drifted off into a nebulous mass without any real belief or commitment to anything other than a watered down “Toryism” peddling the perceived populist platform that “we are not as bad as they are”. In the meantime, the traditional base of the Labour party has been abandoned to fend for themselves in a hostile environment of more and more excessive government measures, many of which have been supported by the Parliamentary Labour Party.
For some time, I have been arguing that the Trade Union movement should dump any links with today's Labour Party and leave them to their own programme and sources of funding. The TUC should produce their own list of candidates to fight any future elections on a platform of workers rights and anti austerity. In this way, the moronic ill informed anti Labour anti Trade Union chattering may finally be silenced. The Labour Party was born from and belongs to the Trade Union movement, not a bunch of lawyers, accountants, career politicians and political opportunists.
The new TUC candidates list may in the short term at least not find overwhelming support amongst the electorate, but at least the people in this country will have a clear choice between the Labour/Conservative/Liberal Democrat morass each offering minor variations of the same old policies rehashed every 5 years or so, and a new approach where people do not take second place to corporate business and the self interests of politicians.