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Monday, 4 May 2015

The ballots have not yet been cast, but the conspirators are plotting

Cameron and Clegg prepared to ‘move quickly’ to form coalition

The conspirators

The pencil marks are not yet on the ballot papers, but here we have Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber plotting their next moves in their war against ordinary people in this country.  On the one hand, the man with the vicious cabinet intent on attacking the sick, disabled, the pensioners and benefit claimants all in the name of "austerity" to "reduce the deficit and balance the books".  On the other hand the unprincipled hypocrite who doesn't really care who occupies 10 Downing Street, as long as he can retain the title of Deputy Prime Minister, the inflated salary, the ministerial car, the additional perks of office, the seat at the cabinet table and all the kudos to satisfy his over inflated ego and perception of his own importance.
Until yesterday, these two lying cynics, were tearing lumps off each other in their desperate attempts to distance themselves from their actions over the past five years of their wretched coalition. Each blamed the other for the vicious and vindictive policies inflicted on the British people since 2010 and the wanton way in which the rich have become richer and the rest have been left to fend for themselves.
These two career politicians take politics to a new level of debasement as they scrabble for office. The British people deserve better than this, but in the way that politics works in this country, it may well be that on 8th May, next Friday in fact, the country can look forward to another bleak 5 years with only the prospect of "more of the same".