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Thursday, 21 May 2015

The scandal of foodbanks now extends to fuel

Poverty forced people to turn to food banks and now it's forcing them into FUEL banks

Peter Ward-Miller who uses and Paul Pickhaver who runs the Kingston upon Thames Food and Fuel Bank
Peter Ward-Miller is forced to rely on a fuel bank


With even more cuts in government department budgets and welfare, this will become more and more common over the coming months and years.
This government was elected on less than 37% of the vote and yet they can press ahead with their "austerity" programmes and inflict misery and desperation on millions.
The gas and electricity companies announce price rises at least twice every year, together with increases in their profits while ordinary people go hungry and cold in their homes. This is a scandal and a disgrace perpetrated by a callous and uncaring government, more concerned with their own position and interests and their friends in industry who grow rich as a result of the austerity inflicted on ordinary people. 
We should all feel shame that in the first quarter of the 21st Century, we allow our representatives in Parliament not only to allow this outrage to continue, but to impose more legislation which will inevitably drag even more people into  the desperation of reliance on food and fuel banks.