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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Diverting attention from the real question.


Tom Watson wrote to two DPP's to intervene in sexual abuse cases

Tom Watson MP

Why are the Guardian and other elements in the media, waging such a hysterical  campaign in pursuit of an MP who asks questions? There is nothing wrong or sinister when an Member of Parliament challenges the actions or more often inaction's, of the DPP or Police or any other body in failing to pursue investigations, into allegations of criminal acts, particularly where such acts are alleged to have been committed by elements of "the establishment" and particularly where such acts involve the abuse of children. Far too often, the "authorities" terminate their enquiries into such matters using the "insufficient evidence" or "investigations are not in the public interest" or other such reasoning, to rationalise no further actions being taken, a decision often made to the bewilderment of many. Under these circumstances, it is  clearly the duty of an MP, acting on behalf of his constituent or even the wider public,  to seek an explanation of the decision, and where necessary to vociferously challenge those decisions and the individuals responsible for reaching such conclusions.
Perhaps it is because this particular MP is Tom Watson, the Deputy leader of the Labour party who supports Jeremy Corbyn. Additionally, it is an open top secret that there are elements within the "establishment" of media, society and judiciary that have something very sinister to hide and will go to any lengths to divert attention and avoid the glare of investigation and publicity.