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Friday, 6 November 2015

The media campaign of innuendo and smear is wearing a bit thin.

Jeremy Corbyn could be hit by wave of resignations in attempt to pave way for coup

You bloody people at the "Independent" never give up.
Unnamed "sources", unattributed  quotes, speculative wishful thinking, smear, innuendo all part and parcel of the campaign to undermine and discredit Jeremy Corbyn, which has been raging on the pages of the "Independent" for over 9 months and is now reaching fever pitch. 
Andrew Grice, Independent political "journalist", now crawls out of the woodwork to add his contribution of spite and bile to the cauldron of bubbling vomit which the Independent has been stirring for months.

Andrew Grice


 If the Independents devotion to the right wing of the political spectrum were not so glaringly obvious and so crass in its comments, it may just have something to add to the political debate, rather than spew more negatives into the already discredited anti Corbyn hysteria in the media and on television.
Rather than concentrate their efforts in a battle they cannot win (Jeremy Corbyn had 60% of Labour Party members votes in the leadership contest) the Independent and the rest should be attacking the housing crisis, the cuts to welfare, the continuing resolve of the Conservatives to cut working tax credit, the dismantling of our NHS and numerous other problems facing people all over the country.
The continuing obsession of the media  with seeking to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, is allowing the Conservative government to literally get away with murder, and Cameron, Osborne, Duncan-Smith and the rest are taking full advantage of the duplicity of the Independent  and others.