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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Sections of the PLP has been trying our patience for long enough

Jeremy Corbyn should resign, say senior Labour MPs

The days of turning the other cheek are over. For many months elements the PLP have been trying the patience of thousands of Labour party members and supporters around the country with the almost incessant criticism, plotting, self serving articles, all designed to further their own interests and override and reverse the democratic decision taken by more than 250,000 party members in the leadership ballot and supported by thousands more people around the country. The despicable and unacceptable face of today's PLP.

Shadow cabinet
Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet

Those party members who value democratic decisions and support the current leadership, must now unite against the reactionaries within the PLP and fight back with whatever means may be available, including suspensions and even expulsions of those in the PLP who seek to take control away from the party members. The Constituency parties, the affiliated organisations and individual members must fight to prevent the Labour Party again falling under the repressive and authoritarian control of a cabal of "neo blarites" and their sympathisers.