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Monday, 9 November 2015

Is respect judged by the depth of a bow? 

 Jeremy Corbyn bow at Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday sparks row on Twitter


The media are the pits and the Independent was not alone amongst the newspapers scratching around trying to dig up another non story with which to "discredit" Corbyn. 
A Tweet from the pen of the obnoxious and patronising Carole Malone with her usual verbal diarrhea, is typical of many posted.

"Was that a bow from Corbyn as he laid his wreath y or an excuse for one?— Carole Malone (@thecarolemalone) November 8, 201"

The words on Jeremy Corbyn's tribute.

Where was Corbyn after the wreath laying ceremony?

Some or most, of the sycophantic dignitaries were in the Whitehall state rooms quaffing sherry and tucking into the cucumber sandwiches without crusts.
Corbyn was on Horse Guards Parade talking to the people which is what Remembrance Day is all about.  It should not be another "freebie jolly" for the selected few.

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Photographs you will not see in the media.

Are there no depths of iniquity to which the media and Celebrity Big Brother contestants will not sink in order to score cheap political points?

The patronising and obnoxious Carole Malone.

When Corbyn was on Horse Guards with the "vets" was Carole Malone with the "dignitaries" quaffing sherry and tucking into the sandwiches? I am waiting for her reply to my Tweet asking the question