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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Excessive coverage, devalues the media credibility

 Over 50 hours of nonstop coverage is excessive.

Since around 10pm last Friday night, BBC News 24 and Sky News (and some other news channels) have been reporting from Paris or Brussels (and with almost complete disregard for any other story) on the ISIS atrocity and events associated with or arising from it. I can understand why these events should be reported and I join with others in condemning, unreservedly, any acts of terrorism wherever they may occur.
However, I shall require a great deal of convincing that it is necessary to have an almost continuous barrage of "breaking news", comment and looped video clips for over 50 hours and hundreds of thousand of repeated words, phrases and cliches filling the television screen. The media obsession with this is both unhealthy and un necessary and may even suggest that they have another hidden agenda.