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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

After 27 years, the truth,

Hillsborough families' 27-year struggle for truth vindicated

After 27 years, the families of the victims achieve justice as the truth is finally revealed.
South Yorkshire police, the South Yorkshire ambulance service, Sheffield Wednesday football club and its engineers, Eastwood and Partners, Sheffield city council and other authorities are all criticised in the jury verdicts, particularly the West Yorkshire police and , South Yorkshire Chief Superintendent  David Duckenfield. The conspiracy of lies, cover up and perversion of the course of justice is a scandal of colossal proportions, which demands speedy investigation and prosecution of those individuals, organisations and public bodies involved.Notwithstanding the apologies already made in some sections of the press, the role of the media and the part they played, particularly Kelvin McKenzie and the Sun newspaper, there remains a compelling argument for an investigation into their reporting of this tragedy.

Saying, "Sorry" some years after the event is simply not good enough, no matter how many times it is repeated.

There are many features to be examined over the course of the next few days and months, It is abundantly clear now however, that the South Yorkshire Police must be disbanded and replaced with a body which will restore public confidence in their function and position. They have become completely discredited not only with their conspiracy of cover up in respect of the Hillsborough football stadium disaster, but also their handling of other issues not least of which is the MUM Strike in 1984. The Hillsborough Stadium story reached a significant milestone when the inquest jury determined that the victims had been unlawfully killed. It is now for the DPP and other organisations to complete the quest for justice.