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Monday, 25 April 2016

The arrogance and ineptitude of the Secretary of State for Health.

Jeremy Hunt rejects another compromise

Last week, Hunt dismissed a proposal from the BMA to call off the strike in exchange for the removal of the threat to impose the new contracts. I noted at the time that " As if his handling of this dispute were not incompetent enough already, Hunt compounds his ineptitude by rejecting a proposal from the BMA which would have allowed them and the Health Secretary to step back from an all out strike."
Hunt now rejects a compromise proposal by an all party group of MP's ,which includes  the Lib Dem MP and former coalition health minister Norman Lamb; Dr Dan Poulter,(like Lamb a member of Hunt’s ministerial team until last May); and Dr Philippa Whitford, an SNP MP who is also an NHS breast cancer doctor. and which would have led to the strike being called off, with the extraordinary remark that " the Labour ‘plan’ is opportunism". An astonishing remark from the Minister with the responsibility for health care in this country.
This dispute has been festering on for many months and it becomes clearer everyday, that the person solely responsible for the continuing deadlock and the increasing level of acrimony is Jeremy Hunt the Secretary of State for Health. His arrogance, general ineptitude in his post and his incompetent handling of this dispute demonstrates that he is unfit to hold the position of Secretary of State for Health and should be dismissed today. He should be removed to prevent further damage being inflicted upon our NHS, the people who work in it and the patients who rely on its services.