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Monday, 18 April 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 17 April 2016

Good Morning everyone.

In a puzzling development Mars bars and some other food products have been reported as containing too much sugar, salt and unhealthy fats and should only be consumed once a week.
We might expect some health watchdog or other medical group to issue such advice but this “Do not but this product” warning came directly from the horses mouth. It is a strange world where the manufacture of very popular confectionery or food products warns their customers not to buy it.

It is reported that 2 private companies, ATOS and G4S, paid no Corporation Tax last year. These two are amongst the biggest private contractors in this country and carried out £ billions of tax payer funded work for the government last year alone.
Now why is that? Tax avoidance may not be illegal, but it is certainly repugnant

Sad to note that Gareth Thomas (12 February 1945 – 13 April 2016)
Blake's 7 was compulsory viewing in our house.
R I P Gareth

Condor Ferries 2016

Meanwhile back in Jersey.
The "White Elephant" Condor Liberation was out of service again earlier this week.. A really good script writer could not have invented this never ending catalogue of "incidents".
The Channel Islands States should convince Condor to scrap this vessel and buy a new or loose the contracts for the UK/Channel Islands routes.
It seems that a new “CONDOR Ferries consumer” group is being set up to enable Islanders to voice their concerns directly to the company’s senior management, the Economic Development Minister says.
More words, more meetings, more prevarication when everyone (except Condor and certain States members) accepts that the solution is to dispose of this £50 million heap of scrap metal and get new ships and preferably a new operator, for the UK Mainland to Channel Islands routes.

Generally warm but with the risk of frost at night followed by cold coming down from the Arctic followed by warm but with a risk of frost at night. All in the space of 1 week!

Have a nice week.