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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Doctors strike is the consequence of one man’s ineptitude and arrogance

Hospitals braced for walkout as Hunt says doctors' strike must be defeated

Hunt says doctors' strike must be defeated.

At the general election, only 11.3 million people voted conservative out of the 30.6 million people casting a ballot (66.1%). To state that, “the British people”, voted for the manifesto promise, is stretching the boundaries of legitimacy a bit far. How many manifesto promises have been abandoned by governments the day after polling day should it be expedient to do so in any case.?
There have been two recent opportunities for Hunt to avert this strike and to resume negotiations, but both have been dismissed with the same arrogance and inflexibility on the part of the Secretary of State for Health that has been the case since this dispute started. A dispute created and engineered by a government with a hidden agenda.
The real reasons for Hunt’s and the governments intransigence in this battle is referred to in the headline to this article. The statement Hunt says doctors' strike must be defeated”, clearly spotlights the governments intentions. Hunt, Cameron and Osborn, seek to be the 21st Century “Thatcher”, creating their own “miners’ moment – a dispute we cannot lose”, in crushing the doctors resistance. 

Already it is being proposed that strikes in A&E be made illegal, as a prelude to curbing or even removing completely the right to withdraw labour throughout the NHS,. Everyone , from doctors and nurses, through to ancillary workers and domestic staff would be banned by law from going on strike. It is but a short step from there to completely removing the right of all working people in this country to withdraw their labour to resist injustice and exploitation.
This junior doctors strike, the first in the 68 year history of the NHS, is a strike which could and should have been averted. It is the consequence of one man’s ineptitude and arrogance, encouraged and supported by an intransigent government, intent on crushing the doctors and ultimately all working people in this country.

The government view this strike as a dispute they cannot afford to loose. As for working people, it is a dispute which they too cannot afford to loose.