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Saturday, 30 April 2016

It has more to do with "the leadership" than antisemitism

Jeremy Corbyn sets up inquiry into Labour antisemitism claims.

The “antisemitism” controversy currently the main media focus, is not about antisemitism. It is about certain individuals within the Parliamentary Labour Party, sections of the media and a few vested interests who have taken this opportunity to attack the leadership of the Labour party and seek an election to challenge the leader.
What these cynical opportunists have actually achieved is the very opposite of that which they claim they are trying to prevent, namely the local elections for next Thursday resulting in losses for Labour at the polls. It remains to be seen whether or not these "predictions" actually materialise,
It is despicable that a relative small number of members of my own party are eager form a duplicitous conspiracy to oust the party leadership, a conspiracy which they know will cause division within the party and damage electoral success. They are prepared to accept this short term reversal, whilst at the same hypocritically calling for "party unity", in the belief that they will ultimately regain their dominant position within the party hierarchy.
What is obnoxious and repugnant about their tactics, is that they are seeking to hide behind the banner of "routing out “antisemitism” in the Labour party" when their real objective is to remove any opposition to their own ambitions to restore the "status quo" in Westminster.

A "stage-managed" confrontation for the benefit of the media

Antisemitism together with racism, is an abhorrent phenomena and is condemned by the vast majority of Labour Party members. It is reprehensible that it should be used as a "red herring" by a small number of loathsome people, enthusiastically encouraged and supported by elements of the media, to advance their own political aspirations.